Actual Plant- large! Highly Variegated Monstera Albo Sectoral Half Moon house plant A 6 pot

Highly Sectoral Variegated Monstera Albo house plant, large 6 potted plant. The plant in photos is the actual plant you will receive. it features unique sectoral variegation making a very bold pattern on the plant. To keep this beauty happy you will want to provide very bright light, ample watering but allow soil to slightly dry out on top before rewatering. I would absolutely recommend using silica fertilizer to keep these creamy portions from browning. Browing can occur on any variegated part of the plant but tends to happen most with inadequate lighting and over/under watering. Photos are of the actual plant for sale. my shipping is defaulted to show usps prices but I can use fed ex or ups whichever has the best price and refund you the shipping overage back.