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Episcia Strawberry Mist African Flame Violet pink metallic velvet pixie garden 2” Potted

Episcia Strawberry Mist Pink African Flame Violet metallic velvet pixie garden 2” Potted. Absolutely beautiful coloring on these adorable plants! They are ready to be repotted up to 4” pots. Plant ships in plastic pots. Decorative pot is not included. These plants are very cold sensitive and should only be shipped when transit temps are above 55 degrees. If they are exposed to temps below 50 they will likely not make it.

Ideal care for Episcia:

? Temps above 60 degrees
? Ample humidity
? Keep soil moist, they don’t like to dry out
? Avoid direct afternoon harsh sun

Interested in multiple plants? Message me for custom bundle rates ???

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