Large Ficus Elastica Tineke White Variegated House Plant 6” Potted

12”-16” Ficus Elastica Tineke Variegated House Plant 6” pot. Tineke has exciting leaf variegation with the melding of green and white and contrasting overtones of pink in the central leaf veins. ‘ Tineke’s’ multi-colored leaves accent any room that needs a burst of color or plant life. Keep slightly moist and give a period of 3-4 hours a day of filtered light to maintain good plant health. Decorative pot is not included in the sale.

This plant enjoys:

• Bright light
• humidity over 50%, mist leaves if indoors
• water only when top of soil feels dry
• add charcoal to your potting mix to help prevent root rot
• encourage larger growth with a bigger pot


All plants will be shipped either USPS priority mail or Fed Ex depending on the item and size. USPS has recently been experiencing frequent delays which may delay your plant from arriving on time. Once you receive your shipping notification please check your tracking frequently to ensure you are there when your plant is delivered. Plants that are in a box and exposed to hot sun will likely overheat and eventually die (especially if they are small and box can fit in your mailbox!). I am not responsible for plants that don’t make it due to USPS delays or if you fail to bring in your plant once it’s delivered. If there is an issue with your plant I need to know the same day it is delivered.