Large Silver Ribbon Fern Pteris Cretica Albolineata Live House Plant Potted 6” gift

Silver Ribbon Fern 6” large potted house plant. The Silver Ribbon Fern is a unique fern with bright foliage that are a creamy white color with a bold green outline. The feather like leaves give the plant a graceful look to attract any audience. The leaves come out in a forked shape appearance and are long and narrow. Like most other ferns, it does prefer high humidity and moist soil. It is a great choice if you have pets or want something a bit more unique than your typical fern

This plant enjoys:

• moist soil, do not allow to dry out
• bright indirect light
• peat Moss soil mix


All plants will be shipped either USPS priority mail or Fed Ex depending on the item and size. USPS has recently been experiencing frequent delays which may delay your plant from arriving on time. Once you receive your shipping notification please check your tracking frequently to ensure you are there when your plant is delivered. Plants that are in a box and exposed to hot sun will likely overheat and eventually die (especially if they are small and box can fit in your mailbox!). I am not responsible for plants that don’t make it due to USPS delays or if you fail to bring in your plant once it’s delivered. If there is an issue with your plant I need to know the same day it is delivered.