RARE Primulina Chirita ‘Curly Loki’ Gesneriad Live house plant African Violet Potted 6” Hanging Basket

**I highly recommend shipping plants when your temps are at least 45 degrees and above. Please check your weather for the upcoming week to ensure your plant has the best chance of safe arrival. I can postpone shipments for up to 21 days if requested. Heat packs are also available in my shop but they are not guaranteed to work, especially in very cold temperatures

Rare Primulina ‘Curly Loki’ 6” potted hanging basket. This is a young healthy plant. Lovely delicate purple blooms on this hybrid! Primulina is a cousin to the african violet. Primulina were at one time Chirita. Now the botanical name is Primulina. These beauties are native to Asia. It grows in a rosette. This is a really beautiful specimen for growing under florescent lights or on the window sill.. Water with room temperature water and keep away from cold drafts.

Care of Primulina ‘Curly Loki’:
Shade to partial shade, temp. 55 to 95 degrees, 6 to 8 in. tall. Allow to get slightly dry between waterings.