Tacca Chantrieri Black Bat Flower Lily Live Tropical Plant 4” potted starter plant

Tacca Chantrieri Black Bat Flower Lily Tropical 4” potted Plant. These are beautiful healthy plants which are not yet flowering.

Want a truly unusual flower? Look no further than Bat Flower. Give it some space to spread its wings. Those dark, exotic flowers grow up to 12 inches (30 cm) across, and feature “whiskers,” making T. chantrieri an intriguing houseplant and a real conversation-starter.

Native to the rainforest in Yunnan Province, China, this tropical perennial is suited to average indoor temperatures. However, it doesn't like dry air at all, which can make it difficult to please in many homes. Give your plant the humidity it craves. If the relative humidity drops below 50%, use a pebble tray or room humidifier to increase the moisture in the air. Grouping plants also helps to maintain the humidity around them.

You can expect flowers when your plant gets enough sunlight, typically in late spring through summer. Blooms are may be black, brown or purplish, and made up of 6-lobed umbels, surrounded by 2 bracts that look like wings. Long, whisker-like threads reach up to 24 inches (60 cm) long. If you can give your plant the light, moisture and humidity it craves, you may see several flowers at the same time.