Ultra RARE collectors Michaelmoelleria Vietnamensis Gesneriad species Vietnam Violet 4” purple flower Potted plant gift

Extremely RARE Michaelmoelleria Vietnamensis Violet Species from Vietnam 4” potted. Michaelmoelleria vietnamensis is the only species in this newly-established genus. It is distributed in southern Vietnam, in broad-leaved forests on granitic montane hills.

In Vietnam it is considered a prized decorative plant, resulting in extensive collection from the local forests. Its precarious situation is exacerbated by forest clearing for plantations of Eucalyptus trees, reducing its habitat. The species is considered critically endangered. Plant ships in plastic pots.

Violets love:

? bright filtered light or grow lights
? dry to moist soil
? Peaty soil mix
? bottom watering avoid getting leaves wet
? remove spent blooms
? temp range 70-80 degrees F

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